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In addition to hosted online backup, cross-platform security, and a ton of security features, Norton antivirus products give the users a full-featured parental control system and no-limits VPN. It lets you protect macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Plus, it adds a full-powered Dark Web Monitoring, VPN, and Parental Control. You can log in to to review its various other features.

How to Create an Account with Norton

Creating an account with Norton is essential to avail of various benefits. It allows you to manage and activate your Norton products and many more things. Here are the guidelines that can help you to create an account with Norton.

●      Launch your web browser.

●      Enter the URL:

●      Tap on 'Create a new account.'

●      Enter your email address.

●      Enter your email address again to confirm it.

●      Go to the specified box for the password.

●      Enter your password in that box.

●      You will see the boxes for entering your First Name and Last name.

●      Enter the required and asked information in the given boxes.

●      Enable a two-factor authentication system to secure your Norton account.

●      To enable it, select your country code and the mobile number from the drop-down menu.

●      Click 'Create Account.'

How to Recover Your Norton Account Password

If you lost or forgot your password or username, it can be easily retrieved, and you can set a new password. To recover your password that you use to sign-in, follow these easy steps:-

●      Open your web browser.

●      Go to the Sign-in page.

●      Click on the link ''Forgot username?''.

●      Enter the same email address that you used to create your account or make your purchase.

●      Tap 'Continue'.

●      Open the email message that you received to know your user id.

●      To reset your account password, open your web browser.

●      Click on the link ''Forgot Password?''

●      Enter the same email address that you used to create your account or make your purchase.

●      Tap Continue.

●      You will get an email with email password instructions.

●      Open the email.

●      Tap the Recover Account tab.

●      Enter a new password for your user account.

●      Tap Update Password.

●      Tap Continue to access your account.

How to Update Your Email Address, Password, and Other Personal Information

The below-given instructions will help you to update your email address, password, and other personal information to your Norton account:-

●      Sign in to your Norton account.

●      Go to the Account Settings page.

●      To update your email address, tap on the Edit icon appearing as the pencil form next to the Email tab.

●      Enter your current email address and password.

●      Tap Update Email.

●      To update your password, tap on the Edit option appearing as the pencil icon next to the Password option.

●      Enter your current password and email address.

●      Tap Change Password.

●      To update your mobile name, first and last name, and address.

●      Tap on the Edit button, appearing as the pencil icon next to the Name option.

●      Make the changes that are required, and then click on Update.

●      If you want to get the latest updates from your chosen Norton product, click on the checkbox appearing next to the option 'Email Preferences.'

How to Download and Install Norton

Once you create your account with Norton, you will need to download and install it on your device. Here are the necessary steps to complete the process:-

●      Click on

●      Go to your Norton user account and sign-in.

●      If you have forgotten your username or Norton password, then tap Forgot password or username?

●      Follow the remaining on-screen steps to complete the process.

●      Go to My Norton portal.

●      Tap Download.

●      Tap Get it from Microsoft when installing on Windows 10 in S mode.

●      Follow the displayed steps to install Norton products from the Microsoft store.

●      Tap 'Agree & Download' on the Get Started page.

●      Choose the desired Norton subscription to download on your mobile device.

●      Tap 'Next'.

●      Save the Norton downloaded file in the folder.

●      To install the Norton antivirus, run the installer from your web browser.

●      Press Ctrl+J to launch the Downloads window in your web browser.

●      Double-click on the downloaded Norton product file to open it.

●      Tap Continue when the 'User Account Control' window opens to you.

●      Follow the step-by-step instructions coming on the screen to complete the installation process.

How to Activate Norton

You will find these instructions helpful in activating your Norton product:-

●      Go to

●      Tap on the main window.

●      Launch your Norton product.

●      Tap Activate Now.

●      Tap Next.

●      Tap on the MY Service PIN tab.

●      Enter the Activation Code.

●      Tap Activate.

●      Enter your device's name and tap Activate.

●      Tap Finish.